Eurasia at a Glance

The Eurasia Consortium Ltd was founded in 2009 by academic entrepreneurs from Oxford and Cambridge Universities to provide innovative strategic management solutions for companies seeking to scale their business and / or expand into international markets.

With a multinational and multilingual team, the Consortium’s companies’ competencies lie in the areas of global business development, strategic innovation, up-skilling, market access and brand management.

Since its inception, The Eurasia Consortium has grown from one UK-based firm to a truly multinational organization, with offices in the UK and Malaysia and operations in the US, China, Brazil, Vietnam,  Malaysia and Russia.

To learn more about how The Eurasia Consortium can support your organization’s international expansion please email us at

Our Vision

The Eurasia Consortium was Born Global. Our focus is on emergent markets, by which we mean new and developing markets and also established markets in the process of systemic change. Our vision is to engage with emergent markets and become your first choice when scaling and or internationalizing your business.

Our Mission

Is to identify commercially viable business opportunities in dynamic new markets and provide and implement a strategy for developing these business opportunities in both a successful and sustainable manner.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A message from the CEO, Dr Stuart Kewley

I have been very fortunate in life to have been taught by some great educators and to have had access to some great learning opportunities. At The Eurasia Consortium we believe that education can change lives. We are, therefore, committed to providing support through a number of scholarship opportunities for students who may not have had the means to progress through their full time education. For more information please contact us at Moreover, at The Eurasia Consortium we also believe that our people are our greatest asset. If we can help them enhance their skills by gaining further academic qualifications then we are humbled to have the opportunity to do so.

The Eurasia Consortium Asia (TECA)

The Eurasia Consortium Asia (TECA) is the Asian division of The Eurasia Consortium. Founded in 2012, TECA manages The Eurasia Consortium’s consultancy project work leveraging on the competencies and global networks of its parent organization, providing both national and international solutions to meet our clients’ business needs.