The Eurasia Consortium Ltd is a globally focused group of companies headquartered in Oxford with offices in the UK, Malaysia, Hanoi and business interests in the US, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Kenya, Malaysia and Russia. The Consortium’s companies’ core competencies lie in the area of strategic business development; creating cost effective market access strategies for businesses of all sizes and Continuing Professional Development. Our capabilities include:

In theory, accessing exciting new markets should be simple. Yet it can be daunting once cultural, linguistic and demographic factors, as well as exchange rate and country risk, are taken into account. At The Eurasia Consortium, we specialize in market access strategies. The Eurasia Consortium is ‘born global’ and our senior management has viewed the world as our marketplace right from the start. We use entrepreneurial strategies to pursue international markets, many of which are challenging emergent markets.  Our vision and mission is to work with organisations in their internationalisation efforts. Our first step in this process is to ask to two very simple questions: Why? and How?

Differentiation is a strategy employed by businesses to increase the perceived value of their brand or product compared to similar offerings from their competitors. Being able to influence the buyer’s perception of value will naturally generate an advantage in the market. Moreover, the higher the value that your customers associate with your product or service, the higher the price they will be willing to pay. The question many organisations face is the following: how to build a perception of value? Organisations that successfully achieve focused differentiation, often by leveraging emotion as well as utility, can command a very high price for their products and services.

Competitive pricing is closely associated with the strategic differentiation model. How you price your product or service is of critical importance. The Eurasia Consortium has years of experience in emergent markets where consumers are highly price-sensitive. When we went into China, for example, we were being continually pressured to reduce our prices, resulting in narrow margins. In 2012, like many other firms in this market, we were just hanging on and close to financial extinction in China. We overcame this challenge by opting for a radical revision of our pricing structure, starting by doubling our fees.

At The Eurasia Consortium, we work with clients seeking to expand their brand into global markets. Our ‘360-Degree Brand Audit’ examines the internal and external state of a brand and provides a strategy based on our core findings.

We typically advise clients in one of three core areas: international brand strategy (where the organisation’s objectives relate primarily to its home market, but require some level of key brand territory expansion), multinational brand strategy (the organisation is involved in a number of markets beyond its home country and requires specific brand delivery for each of the territories it seeks to expand into), and global brand strategy (the organisation treats the world as largely one market and is keen to develop a blanket brand strategy across all operating territories).

Whatever the client needs, we are able to work with their existing in-house teams and external agencies to ensure that their global brand expansion projects support their business objectives and provide effective return on investment.

Many business leaders struggle with innovation. Our experience in Shenzhen in China is a case in point. According to the Asian Development Bank, the average life span of Chinese SMEs is 3.7 years, less than half the 8.2-year life expectancy of their counterparts in the US and a reflection of the obstructions they face doing business in their home country, such as limited access to capital or failure to abandon business models that no longer create value. A shift towards a culture of innovation could have helped the Shenzhen firms survive and flourish. Instead, many of the business leaders we surveyed sought to diversify their businesses into unrelated sectors of the economy of which they had no experience, with often disastrous consequences. Our principals can help to foster a culture of innovation in your organisation. We will help you manage, track, and measure innovation, assisting you in making it a core element of your company’s growth plans.

Although research shows that certain traits alone do not guarantee leadership success, evidence suggests that effective leaders are different from other people in certain key respects (Kirkpatrick and Locke, 1991). Their key leadership characteristics are drive (which includes achievement), motivation, ambition, energy, tenacity, initiative, as well as leadership motivation, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability, and an excellent knowledge of their business. These key leadership characteristics help leaders acquire needed skills, formulate an organisational vision, and devise an effective plan for implementing it. Certainly the characteristics of motivation, ambition, energy, tenacity, and initiative are also demonstrated by entrepreneurs. Our work in entrepreneurial leadership development seeks to create dynamic leaders with the necessary skill sets to take organisations through periods of growth, change, and/or disruption, whilst also not losing sight of the entrepreneurial vision that makes an organisation innovative, agile, and responsive to new market dynamics.

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