There is no I in team: A message from our CEO

June 2019  

The former US president Benjamin Franklin once observed that there are two things that are certain in life, death and taxation. Another truism is that business is cyclical and it’s also important to identify and focus on your core competencies, namely the things that you and or your organisation are good at. We are not too proud to admit that 2018 we lost sight of our core competences investing both our energy and our resources in business areas that we had little experience in or were not particularly good at, with less than satisfactory results.

London Tech City

In a recent European Digital Index survey by NESTA, the independent British charity that works to increase the innovation capacity of the UK, London has topped the list of other EU cities for starting up or scaling a technology business and currently represents the third largest start up cluster in the World behind only New York and San Francisco.  The team at NESTA consulted entrepreneurs, investors, government and academics to come up with 10 criteria to measure the EU’s top tech destinations, including digital infrastructure, culture and skills.  

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London Tech City

There is no I in team: A message from our CEO

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon Dr Stuart Kewley the “Movers & Shakers Award 2018” for his work on developing talent across the globe.

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